Baba Jimmy: Meet Mzungu in Kakamega who's takentiktok by storm

• Baba Jimmy is a missionary living in Kakamega with a wife and two children

Baba Jimmy and Mama Jimmy

Baba Jimmy is tickling the ribs of Kenyans on social media all over a TikTok sound he made with his wife and children.

He has inspired TikTok challenges through his audio where he introduces himself as Baba Jimmy before introducing his wife Mama Jimmy.

Even Sauti Sol's Savara and wife Yvonne, Nadia Mukami, and Arro Bwoy have shared videos doing the challenge.

"Ndio huyu mama Jimmy, wacha aseme moja mbili" he introduces his spouse. 

"Huyu ni mume wangu wenye wanasema hanipendi, mimi ndio najua. Ananipenda na namlishanga poa, ugali na kuku"

The couple often declares their love for one another on their TikTok, winning hearts.

He is a mzungu living in Matunda area, Kakamega county Kenya, who speaks Kiswahili fluently with a Luhya accent. His openness and happy nature have endeared him to citizens.

The man spoke to KTN on Wednesday May 29, where he revealed details about himself.

His real name is Isiah Carrier aka Baba Jimmy.

The mzungu is a 24-year-old Missionary living in Kakamega after relocating to Kenya in 2012 with his parents and 11 siblings. 

He is an American citizen from Indiana. His father was the one who was called to a mission. 

"I was 11 years old when we came. We came with the whole family. 

He is married to a Luhya woman and they have two children: a boy Jimmy, 5 and a girl Cynthia, 3. Their son is called Jimmy.

They met in 2014.  He loved her genuineness "Mama Jimmy alikaa mtu wa ukweli, ni mtu hakukuwa anataka mambo ya vijana"

She told KTN that she was being pressured to demand money from him all the time because many believed Wazungus had money.

"Mi nikasema mi nampenda vile ako. Akinipea ni sawa, asiponipea ni sawa, bora mi niko naishi nakula, "

They also warned her against loving a mzungu who was a missionary.

Baba Jimmy is also a musician, with a home-based studio. His Kiswahili gospel songs 

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