Video: City Preacher Robert Burale calls out pastor misbehaving on TikTok

• Huwezi enda TikTok  kuuliza mademu ati please shake them for me -Burale 

• Burale's lecture come amidst Pastor Kanyari's controversial videos on TikTok

City Preacher Robert Burale

City Preacher Robert Burale has expressed displeasure with the mode of conduct of some pastors, especially those using the TikTok platform.

In an interview with Mpasho’s Dennis Milimo, Burale stated that as a pastor you are not supposed to lose your focus no matter the crowd you are ministering to.

“Our work as Preachers is to go to the highways and the byways, we shall go to TikTok, Facebook but we should not smell like sheep. When a shepherd smells like sheep, you cannot minister,” Burale noted.

Burale cautioned preachers against going on TikTok to seduce women instead of preaching the gospel.

“You can’t go there and start seducing women on that platform, telling them to touch their bodies. That’s totally wrong. We are called to reach out to everybody and I talk to young people, drunkards and even people who are struggling with drug addiction, and like Jesus, we love them because we were once at a place where we were dealing with crazy things and somebody love us,” he added.

“You can’t go trying to rescue somebody from drinking and them your consumption rate is even higher than them. It cannot be like that and I know some people will not like what I’m saying but there comes a time when we must stand firm. Tap all you want but don’t lose the focus of the gospel of Jesus Christ,”.

The purpose of you going to the platform should always remain? Milimo questioned.

He replied; "It should never change, for example, you asked me for an interview, and halfway you can’t tell me that we go take and drink before we continue. You know your purpose…but you enter TikTok then halfway you become worse them until they start pitting you, praying that you get saved again. Never loses the focus. Never lose the foundation of your assignment,”.

The City preacher also acknowledged that he has been on TikTok preaching to young people but no day he has ever surrendered his purpose of being on the platform.

“As a preacher you cab g on Tiktok. Personally, I have gone there and danced I have I have not lost my assignment. I can’t go telling ladies to touch themselves inappropriately. We are in the last days,” he said.

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