Burale: Sometimes let your kids eat 'TOUGH FOOD'

• The motivational speaker and pastor is well-known for his strong opinions that touch on social issues.

Robert Burale
Image: Instagram

Pastor Robert Burale has warned parents against pampering their children as a way of compensating for things they missed out on during their own childhood.

Through his social media pages, Burale said he knows that many parents of this generation did not have the opportunity to indulge in good food and other nice things during their childhood.

He said, however, that this should not be an excuse to make up for it by indulging their children with such things so that they don't regret later in life that there are some things they missed out on.

He said that many families today are raising children who are weak in society because of how they are raised and pampered like eggs.

“Yes, I know we didn't enjoy Weetabix and bacon every day... this should not make us feed our children with sausages, bacon, and chips every day to compensate for what we missed out on growing up. We shouldn't raise children on cerelac...” Robert Burale said.

Instead, Burale advised parents not to make life easy for their children all the time by buying them good food whenever they need it, saying that sometimes they should give them tough food instead of sausages.

"Children who eat pork every day and have thick mango juice while playing on an iPad. Sometimes let them eat TOUGH FOOD," Burale added.

Burale is one of the popular social media figures in Kenya generate and promote opinions based on his life experience.

Recently, he gave his opinion, saying that he doesn't think it's right for children to be called by their mothers' names as a family name.

Burale said that a strong male child should always embrace his father's family name despite differences between the mother and father.

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