Trisha Khalid responds to claims she was a 'night nurse'


• Trisha Khalid is an actress and a Mtumba seller.

Trisha Khalid
Image: Instagram


Actress and digital creator, Trisha Khalid  has questioned why women hate on their counter parts.

While scrutinizing some of the comments sent by her fans the actress found out that most of the negative comments and a lot of body shaming were coming from women.

To make matters worse and when she further checked she realized that most of them are her loyal fans.

The actress expressed her concerns as she highlighted the comment as not being normal and wished the beautiful lady to heal because it seems she has bigger problems.

The comment read, "Aki Trisha can lie na alikuanga Ashawo (prostitute) wa Hypnotica na  bado sio wa church"

The digital creator quickly trashed the statement saying "so madam beautiful claims ananijua na ata hajui religion yangu. I do not go to church, alafu  I hope uheal..."


Trisha Khalid x Flaqo
Image: Instagram

Trisha rose to fame a few years ago after a skit she did 'Tafuta mtu akushike' on TikTok went viral and had various producers looking for her.

The Actress's role as Ruby in the television series Kovu brought her a lot of attention, and she is currently doing an outstanding job on the show Becky, which airs on Citizen TV.

In recent times, Trisha has also participated in several other humorous skits, including some that were performed by Flaqo, who is a master of comic skits

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