Felicity Shiru confronts Thee Pluto about pressure for baby number 2

• The Forex trader wants a son from his partner.

• The couple has a daughter.

Thee Pluto with his baby mama Felicity Shiru
Thee Pluto with his baby mama Felicity Shiru
Image: Courtesy

The pressure from Thee Pluto to Felicty Shiru for baby number two is piling.

Fel, as she is referred to confessed how this is a difficult decision she is struggling with. 

She confronted Thee Pluto on her youtube channel, about always demanding for a son. She wanted it to be an open discussion.

"So babe here,  my hubby, mdosi wetu here, haya Zoey ndio huyo ako hapo anacheza. Babe you look at me unaniambia aje?" she demands he answer 

He chuckles asking "hii inatokea wapi? Zoey anacheza so?"

She responds

"Unaniangalianga unaniambia aje?". He refuses to answer and she goes ahead to disclose that he frequently tells her he wants a son.

"He looks at me and says Zoey needs a brother. And of late babe you have really been insisting on that thing too much. "

The Forex trader agrees that Felicity does not like hearing such suggestions. "Totally" to which she informs him it's too much. "Everyday, everyday, nika hadi nashangaa" she reveals.

The to have a daughter named Zoey, almost 2 while he has another daughter from another relationship.

He tries to explain his need for another baby "you see today when we were leaving for work, we left Zoey crying. she doesn't want to be left. Now you know, having another sibling will keep her busy. "

Fel tells him that what makes her even more upset is that he uses Zoey to pile the pressure on Fel.

"When you are with Zoey, you tell her to tell me you want a brother" she laughs.

Pluto asks her why she doesn't want another child. They discuss whether a family should be planned. 

"70 per cent of the time, watu wanjipata. If I were to be asked, this is my opinion. Don't judge me. I dont think children should be planned.

Naishikilianga (womb) naambia God ebu leta kengine. Even if she uses all means kasikuje, kakuje" he shares.

She told him she is reluctant about it.

They later come to an agreement that Pluto is not pressuring Fel. "No pressure guys"

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