Nadia Mukami speaks on when she'll have baby number 2

• Nadia and her bae,  Arrow already have a 2-year-old son called Kai.

Arrow Boy & Nadia Mukami
Image: Instagram

Musical couple Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy on Sunday, May 12 gathered their friends for a Mother's Day out celebration in Nairobi.

The day was courtesy of her foundation Lola and  Safari where Arrow hailed her as the most hardworking mother and wife he knows.

The pair spoke to the media about their family life, and more so if they have plans to explain their family. They already have a 2-year-old son named Kai.

Nadia said that motherhood has become easier and more enjoyable,

"Siku hizi anaji express, it feels good, you are like ama nizae, I saw some pregnant ladies and I was like they look so cute, I miss this year's experience. It's not that bad how people make motherhood sound," she said.

"Baby number 2?...hmmmmaiee, weeh," she said as Arrow Bwoy who indicated he was open to trying to conceive.

"She will be throwing up when eating, her stomach is bloating, sijui signs ama ni kushiba," he trolled her as she shut him down, "Wueh you will make people think I am pregnant, I am not," she shouted back.

Speaking on another child, she declared, "Uhmm apana. Mtoto saa hii? No, but maybe in the next two or one years," she indicated the delay is over projects she has put in place that need her focus and attention.

"Time ya kuwalea ndio sina."

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