'Women cheat more than men' - Shakila argues

• Shakilla  says men need money to cheat while women do not need the same.

Image: Instagram

Shakilla Tiffany has some thoughts to share with netizens regarding which gender she feels cheats more in relationships.

The Kenyan-South African based socialite shared a screenshot of her opinion that suggested women are more likely to stray as opposed to men because circumstances are simpler for them.

Taking to her snap chat account, Shakilla showed a typed out message from her phone that suggested

"It's not even possible that men cheat more than women" she penned.

Infidelity according to the 21 year old is tough for males.

"A man needs to have money to cheat" she continued about acts of infidelity.

Further to her reason for women not being monogamous is that

"Lol cheating is an expensive sport indeed. A woman needs nothing. Not even makeup to cheat. All she needs to do is part thighs and a man will guide* in"

Shakilla relocated to South Africa last year in a very secret move.

She frequently shares her life dating, and living life.

However she has never opened up about her reason for leaving Kenya.

She joins a list of Kenyan celebrities who have moved abroad. Among those in the US are singer Msupa S, Vivian, Ruth Matete, Janet Otieno, Nonini, etc.

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