Woman recounts how pilau date went horribly wrong

• She ended up eating the pilau after the heartbreak.

The Kenyan dating scene is something that will always generate talk amongst citizens.

That's more often because things don't always go as planned or expected.

 A woman has recounted how her plan to share food with her man turned into something unexpected.

She was looking forward to good conversation and energy.

On X, formerly Twitter, account Kanyi 254 amused many when she told how she put in major effort to cook and surprise her man.

"I cooked pilau last night and decided I can take some to him this morning so that he can carry it to work for lunch. I woke up today at 615 warmed the food up, packed it nicely and went to his place. He lives like ten minutes away from me" read part of her story

The single woman bowed out after meeting another woman who opened his door when she knocked, leading to an uncomfortable moment.

"Luckily, I found the gate open and didn't have to call him to come down, just went directly to his house all smiley, preparing how I'll surprise him and how happy he'll be since his favorite food is pilau"

The smile turned into a flabbergasted look

"I knocked twice and this petite girl opens.My heart sunk. I asked where the guy was , he's in the shower she said. Then she was like, babe, babe someone is looking for you. Ushawahi skia kuendesha early morning? My tummy churned and twisted painfully."

She did not confront the man

"He came out and I looked at him, shook my head and left. I couldn't even ask a thing.  I'm shaking as I write this." She also shared her resolution about dating again

"This is a guy I had seen potential with we had plans, I am numb, I can't even cry. I ate that pilau immediately when I got home.The nerve of him calling me 8 times. Ai enough of men acha nikatafute pesa Good day yall" she ended  her encounter

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