Kanyari ecstatic after meeting pretty lady from TikTok in church

• The pastor has become a sensation online after joining  the popular Chinese app.

Pastor Victor Kanyari on the right with the lady
Image: Courtesy

Pastor Victor Kanyari has finally met a certain woman who he recognized from TikTok. The cleric spotted the woman during a recent church service at Salvation Healing Ministry and left him visibly excited.

In a video shared by Shifu TV, Pastor Kanyari enthusiastically invited the woman to come forward, greeting her with a beaming smile,

"Mama, you are very beautiful. Wow, thank you. Are you from TikTok? Oh, look at this lady! Come and greet me. Oh, Jesus! Such people can't be found on TV. Look at how beautiful she is."

He then warmly welcomed her to sit in a preferred spot in the church, saying, "Welcome, mama, sit here, not there. Please sit here and you will be served soda."

The man of God has been making waves with Rish Kamunge on his TikTok page with the two proving a formidable force as they banter like lost lost friends.

Just a few days before her visit to his church, the cleric and the lady had been seen talking about the cars they own.

The conversation took an interesting turn when the lady was seen asking Kanyari to upgrade one of her vehicles to match his status.

Curious about her current car collection, Kanyari inquired, "Which cars do you own?" To which she responded, "I have a Toyota Harrier and Nissan Note."

Kanyari then cheekily remarked that he had sleeker cars than she had.

However, the lady humorously reminded him of his ownership of more luxurious vehicles. "I've seen you with a V8 and a Range Rover. What more could you possibly want, Baba? Can you at least upgrade my Nissan Note?" she quipped.

With a wide grin, Kanyari pledged to fulfill her request. "I will buy you a Lexus. I'll even purchase a helicopter, all in Jesus' name. Regardless of what people might say," he declared.

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