Nadia Mukami makes passionate appeal to President Ruto

• "Kwa hivyo nakuomba his Excellency, mimi kama mtoto wako, mimi kama mwananchi wako, naomba tuu. Ufanye kitu," she urged the Head of State.

Nadia Mukami
Image: Instagram

Nadia Mukami has once again waded into the issue of how musicians in Kenya are paid their outstanding royalties.

Nadia in an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, called on President William Ruto to intervene.

She said that there was a need for a permanent solution, that should include an executive order. 

"Ndio mimi huyo naanza kuzeeka kwa industry so it means this conversation has been long overdue. Let me tell you, there is money in the industry. It's just that the systems that are there do not really favour us. Royalties yani kuna pesa, nyingi sana."

Nadia reminded the Head of State of a pledge he made to solve the matter once and for all.

"So I just pray that when his excellency was campaigning, he promised us creatives, that he was gonna work on it. so I'm just pleading with him, I'm just requesting to come through for us and give us an executive order, yani tutakuwa tumefurahia sana."

She continued,

"Mimi personally, I would be so happy because it means that the generation that is coming now they stand to benefit even more."

"If you get to see this, if you get to watch this, please give an executive order, dissolve that whole MCSK, let us start afresh."

Nadia explained that the row over how much musicians are getting in royalties from collecting bodies isn't good for the creative industry.

"Let the people be accountable. You cannot take more than 30 percent from us. You are actually taking 70 percent.  Sisi ndio tumewapea kazi. So I think it's time that we solve this. Yani atakuwa ametuwachia legacy, atakuwa amebadilisha vizazi na vizazi."

"Kwa hivyo nakuomba his Excellency, mimi kama mtoto wako, mimi kama mwananchi wako, naomba tuu. Ufanye kitu," she urged the Head of State.

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Watch the interview below:

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