Omanga sends chilly warning after her alleged video leaked

The CAS has been trending this past week over an intimate video of someone who closely resembled her


• Omanga seemed to thank God for being with her despite the trials that befell her recently.

Millicent Omanga
Image: Instagram

CAS in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Millicent Omanga has finally re-emerged after several days of trending on social media.

Earlier this week, an intimate video of a certain curvy woman recorded at an unknown time was circulated on social media with some Kenyans claiming the person was CAS Omanga. However, nothing has been confirmed or denied so far.

On Saturday morning, the former senator appeared to indirectly break her silence on the matter. She seemed to send a warning message to the person involved in the trending video.

"Karma says, when you destroy someone's life with a lie, take it as a loan. It will come back to you with interest," she said using a quote.

Millicent Omanga's response.
Image: Screengrab

Omanga then went on to address those behind the shameful act by using a gospel song where she seemed to thank God for being with her despite the trials that befell her recently.

On her TikTok account, she posted a video of himself dancing to Yona Chilolo's song 'I'm counting on you Baba.'

Some of the lyrics of the song are below;

"They are lined up in every corner, they want to harm me, They wish that when we see each other, I will lack freedom. If I do something good, I have no one to thank me, They would own my peace, I would pay taxes for it.

Thank you God you loved me and gave me freedom, My happiness I love is not threatened by pain I owe you to God, you are free, If you want to bless, no one stops you," she sang and danced.

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