Karen Nyamu- I can't relate with people who say motherhood is hard

• Nyamu has two kids with Mugithi singer Samidoh.

• She also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has revealed she never thought she would be a mother of three.

The outspoken politician says she thought she would end up getting two kids.

This she shared as Mother's around the world marked Mother's Day.

Sharing a video of herself with her kids in bed, Nyamu captioned.

'One of my favorite videos. Some of our Saturday mornings look like this.

Wairimu is the youngest and the most extra of my babies😄😄I cant tell you how I became a mom of 3. Id thought about being a mom of 2 but never of 3. But boy  I am I glad I did because I ken weya makes our days!

Motherhood is beautiful. I don't relate when they say its hard. I think I learnt early that very little about motherhood has to do with me. A lot of it is has to do God.

And so its all bliss over here. Happy mothers day to all you beautiful mamas on my TL. Youre chosen for this! Enjoy ❤️

Nyamu has two kids three kids.

Her eldest daughter was with DJ Saint Kevin.

She also has two kids, a daughter and a son with Mugithi singer Samidoh.

Nyamu who is co-parenting with both her baby daddies had praised Samidoh for being a good dad to their kids.

She had also revealed her daughter with DJ Saint has a good relationship with Samidoh.

She always calls both fathers, 'Dad'. And I always tell her, 'You are very lucky to have two fathers,'" Karen said.

Adding, "She always calls one and tells him 'I want this, this and this,' and then she calls the other one and tells him, 'I want this and this.'"

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