I am alive and kicking!!Kamene Goro denies being involved in an accident

• Kamene Goro has threatened to take action against the person spreading such rumours.

Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

Radio Presenter Kamene Goro has refuted claims she was involved in an accident.

Taking to her socials, she assured her fans that the law will deal with whoever is spreading the lies.

"My loves, I’m alive and very very well, I haven’t been in any accident. And to the person circulating this false and alarming news, the law will deal with you accordingly.Tupatane hewani my loves."

Kamene is among celebrities who have been victims of false rumours.

Just recently former State House spokesperson Kanze Dena had to shut down rumours she is battling cancer.

Taking to her socials, the mother of 2 mused over how great life was treating her as she exalted God's name for all the goodness that He has blessed her with. 

Kanze, also a former prime-time news anchor shared a prayer over her life as she cast out any ill intentions directed her way. Sharing her desire to live a long, fruitful life praising God. 

"Life na good oh! Not exiting this race called life anytime soon. Fixing my eye on Jesus, the author and finisher of my life. I stand and declare God's word that He shall honour me and satisfy me with long life," started the 44-year-old former Citizen TV anchor said.

Finishing up, Kanze issued a powerful spiritual message where she declared condemnation upon everyone who speaks ill of her as she is, "the apple of God's eye".

"No evil shall befall me, neither shall any plague come near my dwelling. I shall live to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the leaving.

God, I thank you for your word, for it shall not go out and return void. I am confident of this. Every tongue that raises itself against me in judgement is condemned. This is my heritage. I am the apple of God's eye!" The last of her statement read. 

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