Shakib's cuuute note to Zari after her Uganda visit

• The couple has closed ranks the past few months after a difficult 2023.

zari and shakib courtesy instagram
zari and shakib courtesy instagram

Zari flew into Uganda this weekend to spend time with her husband Shakib Cham. She was gifted a bouquet and a card praising her.

"Hi Zari," the card read.

"Your presence shines so bright just like you. It is always amazing when you come, Welcome back my queen," read the complete dedication.

Zari and her husband hung out enjoying a meal together as they filmed parts of their outfits of the day.

The mother of five told fans that she was attending a wedding. In a video, she showed a bride in the back of her Mercedes Benz GLE 450, as her husband Shakib drove the trio.

They also had an official photo session with their red-themed outfits. Unfortunately, hours later she showed that thieves had stolen the side mirror of her vehicle and sadly expressed her frustration at the incident.

A few months ago, the mom of five had announced that the two had parted ways in February after a tumultuous 2023.

The business lady and her husband reconciled in March this year and on her social media, bashed netizens for poking their noses in her marriage.

“Coming in here with your opinion and your two cents and nobody asked you, I don’t wanna know. I don’t wanna hear it, I don’t need it.

Keep it to yourself, I don’t care what it is. Whatever it is that you people are sending in my DM, please keep your two cents to yourself,” she said.

“Don’t come here advising me. ‘Oh you shouldn’t do that’ keep it to yourself, you need it more than I do," she finished.

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