Nyako's interesting advice to modern Kenyan wives

• Her death comes days after the death of late Ohangla musician Sheila Wegesha.

Pilot Nyako
Image: Instagram

Kenyan-German-based TikToker Pilot Nyako advised wives a few days after the death of Ohangla artiste Sheila Wegesha, who died under tragic circumstances.

Nyako who closely follows events happening in Kenya urged married women to stop partying with their husbands and shared a tip on how to spend their time wisely.

"Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Kaa nyumbani, kaa uko kwa marriage kaa nyumbani. Hakuna kwenda kwa club kuruka ruka and with men," she shared her opinion.


"Dancing helter skelter in the clubs. It will end tragically," she cautioned.

"Slay queens are you listening to me? Slay queens, kama umeamua kuolewa stay home, kama Nyako hivi," she continued using her example to drive home her point.

"Make TikTok your best friend wachana na bwana yako aende hizo roundi mwenda. there is no way a man and a woman can rave in a club together and it will end well," advised the popular social media user.

"No way. Be a friend to TikTok. You must not go to the club. Kaa hapa na sisi nyumbani, tupige stori, tutukanane," she insisted.

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