Lillian Muli reveals little known detail about her mum

• The Citizen TV host also spoke glowingly about her private mom.

Lillian Muli
Image: Instagram

Media personality Lillian Muli got sentimental on Mother's Day as she took time to celebrate her mum. The TV personality took to her social media to reveal little-known details about her biological mother.

On her Instagram stories, Lillian told of the joy that motherhood has brought her, including a conversation with someone who warmed her heart.

"Happy Mother's Day to all you incredible mothers out there you are loved. Your strength and wisdom are the guiding light in our lives," she shared ahead of her weekend broadcast.

Later in a separate video in her car, the mother of two spoke glowingly about her own mum.

"It's Mother's Day weekend and happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful incredible mums out there."

"You know sometimes as a mother you might feel that you are not appreciated enough and yet you are doing the most, but I want you to know that we celebrate you. I celebrate you."

The journalist also encouraged others,

"You know today I was talking to my mum's friend, and she brought me a package from outside of the country, coz my mum doesn't live here-Kenya- and she was telling me, you know we were just sharing, and she was like you know what, 'Now you understand what we went through as your mothers,' and I was like ...'Yeah.'"

She appeared to be recalling what a selfless life her mum had for her family

"I mean this is literally a full-time job, but we wouldn't have it any other way. So I told her yes, I appreciate you, we appreciate you, we don't take it for granted now we know as mums just what you put in," she added emotionally.

Lilian also penned, "I love you mum so much," the dedication read.

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