Whistling TikToker Priscilla Wa Imani defends herself with unknown talent

• A fan had advised Priscilla to seek more meaningful work, implying that her current content would become stale.

priscilla wa imani
priscilla wa imani

The issue of fans making derogatory comments on content creators' social media platforms has prompted some well-known figures to speak out.

Last week, Mali Safi Chito, the hitmaker of "Mali Safi Chito," expressed dissatisfaction in an online rant about fans using offensive language in her comment section.

She directly addressed the issue, stating, "You are used to using bad language on my comment section. You are used to spewing hate in my comment inbox; come and do that now (Mumezoea sanaa kupoop inbox yangu pale TikTok, poop sasa hapa. Nkt)."

Priscilla WaImani, a famous TikToker known for her whistling, has also tackled the same matter after a female TikTok account suggested that Priscilla had lost relevance due to her whistling.

The fan advised Priscilla to seek more meaningful work, implying that her current content would become stale.

Priscilla responded firmly, stating, "My fellow Kenyan, thank you so much for caring about me. I see just how much you care for my welfare."

She continued to state that she is more than just a whistler, highlighting her singing career with several hits in Uganda.

Priscilla, who started as a hawker in Nyahururu, expressed her diverse business ventures in Kenya and Uganda, even mentioning international business contacts in Egypt, including a Chinese associate known as Jibao. She concluded her response by whistling.

Supportive comments for Priscilla flooded in. They are below:

  • kennbudareeh: "Professional response. Hope Marakwet daughter Mali Safi Chito could see this."
  • jacintangina905: "I think she told you the truth."
  • Nomii🇫🇰🇰🇪: "I love the way you reacted to this, a very mature manner."
  • introvert: "Keep doing what you do as long as you are putting food on your table. Sending love from 🇪🇬."
  • marrie mitz official: "🥰🥰 I knew Priscilla back in 2011 in Nyahururu where she had a business 🥰. She's very hardworking, and this person hasn't just started yesterday 😌❤️."
  • Ngai wa tei: "😂😂😂 some people are very bitter."
  • Rachealcharles0: "Wivu wivu wivu, itakuwa watu hii TikTok... Mama keep going; I am right here behind you."
  • nims: "Don't explain anything to such people! We love you and appreciate what you do! Go, go, go, gal! 💃🙏"

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