Tileh Pacbroh- I don't believe God exists

• He is a father of one.

•  He was born and raised in a Christian Family.

Kenyan dancer Tileh Pacbro

Kenyan dancer Tileh Pacbro now say despite him being an Atheist and not believing in the existence of God, he was born in a Christian family.

The father of one says it has been a journey adding that he didn't just wake up and decided God doesn't exist.

“You don’t wake up one day and become an atheist. It’s a process.

I was born and raised a Christian, I just don’t believe in God. Basically, what was preached to me, I don’t see it the same way in real life,” he explained.

Will he change his mind at some point?

“I have never really thought about becoming a Christian again,” Pacbro said.

He added that he does not dictate for his family  to follow his Atheist journey.

In Kenya, there is an Atheists Society which was established in Nairobi, Kenya, on February 17, 2016. 

Harrison Mumia is the founder and president.

In 2022 the Atheists society had offered Sh 20,00 for all new members. 

The membership also came with other benefits among them.

According to a poster shared by the society boss Harrison Mumia on his socials, one must be over 18 and he/she must identify as an atheist.

Benefits of registering under The Harrison Mumia-led society listed that the benefits extended to their registered new members.

They include:

1. The society will provide members and their immediate families, a spouse and children, with a KSh 20,000 medical cover and KSh 20,000 in funeral expenses.

2. Members can ask for legal assistance when they  are discriminated against.

3.During weddings, birthdays and baby showers we will celebrate with members by 

4. Members will get 25% on books, t-shirts and other promotional materials.

Atheist joining requirements

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