TikToker Nyako happy her fame is gone for interesting reason

• Nyako says she is happy to be experiencing peace.

Nyako Pilot
Image: Instagram

TikToker Nyako says she is glad she is no longer famous. Nyako who is well known on TikTok says fame cost her peace.

Through her socials, she shared,

"I am happy fame is gone I need my peace. I am not crying because the fame is gone. It is very sad that people I fought with for so long still dare to address me.

"These are people I do not talk to anymore. The fame is gone but I am still being mentioned, why am I still being mentioned?" she questioned.

Less than two weeks ago the mom of 3 hosted a TikTok livestream where she gave troubling details about her physical soundness.

"Mimi hii maisha nimebaki nayo ni kama bonus," she started.

Before adding,

"I'm very sick! If I start explaining to you guys how my health is failing day by day. Hamwezi amini. Aki nyinyi me I'm on the last stages of my sickness yenye nikisurvive the next 3 years itakuwa miracle."

She went on to reiterate her earlier statement saying that if she didn't die in the next 3 years it would be a miracle.

'I'm telling you for free. So anything you do, even if you're retiring, do it with grace and favour," she concluded.

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