Nyako left distraught after terrible misfortune befalls her


• She further disclosed that the same people who had caused her these issue had been the ones who had made her lose her job.

Image: Instagram

Germany-based TikToker Roseline  Otieno, popularly known as Pilot Nyako, has expressed her frustrations after her bank account was frozen by the authorities. 

She narrated her ordeal in a TikTok video blaming her haters for this misfortune that has befallen her.  She further disclosed that someone wrote her a letter to her workplace and she was fired within 24 hours. 

Nyako who has been earning a living from her Tiktok account after losing her job earlier on further explained that she used to receive gifts from her fans when she went live on the app and that was her main income. 

The middle-aged content creator revealed that her bank account was blocked recently leaving her stranded and unable to pay her rent and insurance further explaining that she suspected that the government might have taken action against her due to tax compliance issuers. 

"My bank account has been blocked. I cannot access it. it has been blocked. I don't know who wrote what again to the government this time. Si have to pay my rent from TikTok.

I have to pay my insurance from TikTok. That money's been taken away. I don't even know where to start at this point. I don't know who to ask what. 

The same people who made me lose my job. I used to go to work, I used to wake up very early in the morning like everybody else and go to work.

I was very much contented and happy with my job until the same people on TikTok came together to deny me the right to go to work. Somebody wrote a letter to my workplace. And I lost my job within 24 hours," a distraught Nyako said.

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