Reason Stevo Simple Boy doesn't like his song 'Freshi Barida'

• The rapper also had some special words for Khaligraph Jones and Nadia Mukami.

Stevo Simple Boy
Image: Instagram

Artist Stevo Simple Boy has opened up that among his many songs, one he doesn't like at all is 'Freshi Barida' from 2022.

In a quickfire interview with Kenya Online Media, Simple Boy expressed to the surprise of many that he doesn't like the song despite many feeling it's the one where he excelled in his lines.

Stevo explained the reason for not liking the song, saying it didn't flow with his lines as he wanted, so for him, in that song, he performed below average.

"For all my songs, one I like is 'Makasisi' because it speaks the truth about false preachers. And also, in the songs I don't like, 'Freshi Barida' is one; I didn't flow the way I wanted. Even though many fans love that song, from my perspective as a composer, I don't like it," Stevo said.

The rapper mentioned that in Kenya if there's an artist he knows well, it's fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones, but he revealed he would love to collaborate with Nadia Mukami.

"For Kenyan Artistry, the artist I like is Khaligraph Jones, he's a hip-hop artist like me, he has flow and lines, these other songs, I don't really like them. Especially this Arbantone. That's not music; it's just stirring, and I feel their presence will fade quickly just like Gengetone did," Simple Boy said.

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