Stevo Simple Boy demands Sh 2 million to wed his ex Pritty Vishy

• Stevo and Pritty Vishy dated for years.

• There were allegations of infidelity in the relationship.

during and interview with Mpasho.
Stevo Simple Boy during and interview with Mpasho.

Kibera artist Stevo Simple Boy now says for him to forgive his ex Pritty Vishy she has to pay him.

In an interview with Kenya Online Media, the 'Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati ' singer shared

"If she (Pritty Vishy) wants my forgiveness she must pay me Sh 50,000. If she wants a child with me Sh 1 million. 

If she wants us to get back together she must pay me Sh 500,000, If she wants a wedding she must pay me Sh2 million.."

A few weeks ago Stevo had revealed he was willing to break his celibacy journey for his crush Betty Kyallo

Speaking in an interview with Ali, Simple Boy revealed he has been celibate for ten months after his previous relationship ended.

When asked how long asked how long he has been celibate.

"Sahi ni miezi kumi,” Simple Boy responded.

The rapper further stated that he would only engage in sexual activities when he is in a serious relationship, exuding confidence that Betty will agree to be his girlfriend and eventually his wife.

"Mimi nko tafauti na wanaume wengine. Wanaume wengine wanasema 'ahh mimi siwezi kukaa bila bibi mbaka nifanye usharati kidogo'. Hapana hii kitu ni kuvumilia, wee kua na subira utapata ubavu wako," he said.

The rapper added that Betty Kyallo has not accepted or rejected his romantic advances on her but promised to give him feedback at a later date.

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