Bahati & Diana Marua raise concerns on their socials over son's inability to speak Swahili


• Bahati and Diana Marua have three kids together after being in marriage for over 7 years.

• Bahati is a musician  and a politician while Diana is a YouTuber and rapper.

DIana Marua with Bahati
Image: Instagram

YouTube content creators Kelvin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have through their individual Instagram and YouTube handles raised concerns over their son's inability to speak Swahili.

The celebrity couple was seen discussing their son Majesty Bahati's inability to speak Swahili as they drove to his school to raise the matter with his teachers.

"We are going for a consultation meeting for our babies," Bahati said.

"It is consultation week really, it is basically getting to know progress ya mtoi wako how he or she is catching up with their studies alafu pia sisi turaise concerns that we are having with our kids," Diana expounded.

"Utauliza mwalimu swali gani?"

Mbona mtoto wangu hajui Kiswahili? Mbona anaongea Kizungu tupu?" Bahati lamented.

"Majesty does not know a Kiswahili word, hajui," Diana added.

Bahati further recalled how he was routinely punished in school for speaking Swahili, wondering how his son couldn't speak the national language.

"As in I don't understand how my son doesn't know a Swahili word," he reflected on his past.

"And what about your daughter Heaven?" Diana asked.

"She speaks Swahili as if she is from the UK," Bahati replied.

Diana Marua went on to imitate how her daughter Heaven Bahati speaks broken Swahili.

"Anasemanga 'mimi ninamujua huyu mtu alikuja, sindio mom?' Anaongeanga hivyo," Diana said while imitating her daughter.

Later on while at school, Bahati and Diana tried to make their son speak a word or two in Swahili but he couldn't.

"Waambie habari yenu. Waongeleshe Kiswahili," Bahati told his son Majesty who appeared not to understand a word he was saying.

"Ebu tell them 'habari I am in PP1'," Diana Marua implored her son.

"Waambie habari zenu," Bahati persisted.

Adding; "My son doesn't know what I am saying."

In October 2023, Diana put up a post tat says;

Childhood trauma is real, there is a video I am doing today na naskia nimekasirika kabisa. One of the most embarrassing moments in my life. Mwalimu wa maths nataka uniskize na ikufikie kabisa. You see this car, this is one of many cars that I have bought. Mwalimu wa maths, this is my mansion, you treated me like a nobody in school. You know what this teacher did to me in school,". 

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