'I escort my partner to the washroom' Admits a love struck Harmonize


• Recently Harmonize was seen plaiting Poshy's hair.

• Poshy is a socialite.

Poshy Queen with Harmonize
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian start Harmonize has elicited mixed reactions after revealing he escorts his current woman Poshy Queen to the washroom whenever she needs to relieve herself.

According to the love smitten artist, this is a normal thing.

On Monday, Konde Boy as he is famously know shared a video of himself escorting his babe adding

"The most beautiful woman I have ever seen on earth. Escorting her to the toilet is a normal thing now,I don't trust her and I don't trust myself." he captioned

Recently Harmonize was seen plaiting Poshy's hair.

He exhibited his hairdressing abilities by expertly styling his girlfriend hair.

A delightful video, shared on both Harmonize and Poshy's Instagram accounts, captured the romantic moment. The clip depicted Poshy seated with a towel draped over her shoulders.

Meanwhile, Harmonize, clad in a tank top and shorts, stood behind her and meticulously crafted each cornrow.

He carefully sectioned her hair before weaving it, while his partner blushed and giggled, impressed by his skill.

Upon completing the braids, the singer playfully inquired what she would gift him for his efforts. "What's my gift?" he asked, eliciting laughter from her.

He planted kisses on Poshy's forehead and cheek, admiring the beauty of her newly styled hair. "How do I look?" she inquired. "Very good," he replied, adding, "There are things that even I struggle with, not just small tasks like this."

The romantic clip prompted various reactions from netizens, with some impressed by Harmonize's romantic gesture and others suggesting he was going above and beyond.

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