Pastor Kanyari reacts to Tanasha Donna's lip fillers

• His reaction comes days after Tanasha revealed she was getting well with her lip filler procedure

Victor Kanyari
Image: Courtesy

Pastor Kanyari has recently been going live on Tiktok and some of his topics have been controversial.

Kanyari, who is a preacher at Salvation Healing Ministry church has now reacted to Tanasha Donna getting lip fillers. 

 "I heard she did a procedure to make her lips look that way," he said.

He went on to ask his fans to explain to him why women like to enhance their body features from lips to the hips. 

"I want someone to help me understand why women love plump lips, a big behind and boobs as well," Pastor Kanyari said. 

"Ladies, what do you like about men?" He asked on Tiktok Live before going on with the controversial topic.

"I know women love tall men," he answered himself.

His reaction comes days after Tanasha revealed that she was in the healing phase after undergoing a lip filler procedure.

She shared information from Google on her Snapchat highlighting that fillers take up to two weeks to properly heal and settle in.

"Different types of fillers can settle more quickly and your lifestyle and similar factors can also affect the amount of time it takes to settle," she quoted.

According to Therapie Clinic, Lip Fillers are a non-surgical treatment that injects the lips with a substance that is found naturally in your body, to achieve volume and plumpness in your lips.

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