Some curious things Kanyari has done since joining TikTok


• He has been learning a lot from his followers and meeting different TikTokers since joining the platform.

Victor Kanyari
Image: Courtesy

Controversial prophet Victor Kanyari recently joined TikTok and has been doing live sessions, which have gained him more popularity among other benefits.

After joining the short video platform, Kanyari denied that he joined for the money and said that his main goal is to spread the gospel to the youth, who are the majority users of the platform.

He has been learning a lot from his followers and meeting different TikTokers since joining the platform.

Today, we will highlight some of the controversial things Kanyari has done since joining TikTok.

In one live session, Pastor Kanyari was caught on video asking for gifts in an odd way, saying, "I hear they don't send offerings here, send flowers, send Lion, and send a hat."

This unexpected request left many scratching their heads and questioning the intentions behind such prayers.

On the platform, the pastor became acquainted with a TikToker known as Tizian, praising him for his fashion sense, saying that the young man inspired him to want to braid dreadlocks like him and even start riding a motorcycle.

Speaking in one of his live sessions on the TikTok platform, Kanyari said that he had been through a lot of suffering and now that he is where he was, he cannot afford to be deliberately poor to please people.

Some internet users were also unhappy with the pastor talking to socialite Chokuu in his TikTok live, but the preacher seemed unconcerned and said that he would continue to talk to him as a friend.

However, Kanyari challenged Chokuu to explain his statement that he was a 'chapati lover'.

He told his followers that he was previously married to gospel artist Betty Bayo, but after separating, he is now back on the market and looking for a wife, not elsewhere but on TikTok.

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