I have banned comedy in Kenya - Eric Omondi

• Eric says there is nothing to laugh about in Kenya currently

Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Eric Omondi has jetted off to Tanzania to attend the launch of the Gigi Money show - a reality TV show about musician Gigi and her family.

Speaking to Clouds FM Tanzania, after landing, Omondi said that he was touching people's lives under the Sisi Kwa Sisi movement. 

"It is me giving back to the society coz society has supported me for 16 years. I am no longer doing comedy" he said about activism.

He announced that show business should take a back seat in Kenya as we shift focus to saving lives and property amid flooding.

"When Eric is quiet, the industry is quiet. So I would like to urge the comedy industry in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania I would like to organize a 3-day conference kama Rais," Omondi said. 

"I'm the President, is calling for an urgent meeting of all comedians in East Africa, waje tuongee tuelewane, tusaidiane, tuinuane, lakini Rais atawapatia mwelekeo,".

He announced that he has banned comedy shows until further notice

"Ila kwa sasa Kenya sitaki comedy. Kwa Kenya saihizi nime ban comedy kama Raisi wa comedy," he said. 

His reason?

"Kila mahali hatutaki comedy Kenya maanake there is nothing to laugh about. Hatutaki kucheka, hatutaki kuchekeshwa tuna huzuni, tuna misiba, mish ayetu magumu mafuriko ndio hayo , unga, stima ndio hiyo mafuta, karo, kodi ndi hiyo, we don't have anything to smile about,".


"We don't want to laugh we don't want to smile, we are in a state of mourning Kenya hatupo sawa"

He will be announcing other moves later.

"We are mourning about our lives, how sad it is to be a Kenyan today. The Government has forgotten its people. And the people are on their own, waKenya wanjisaidia, wana jiinua, bila serikali, sasa hatutaki comedy Kenya."

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