I am a good dad!!Samidoh shares experience as a dad of five

• Samidoh is a father of five.

• He has two kids with Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu and three with his wife Edday Nderitu.

Image: Instagram

Mugithi singer Samidoh takes his role as a dad very seriously.

That is one thing he does not joke about as he confessed to SPM Buzz recently.

The singer is also a police officer who works with the National Police Service Commission. He handles this as expected together with travelling countrywide as an entertainer.

He spoke about always trending and his dislike for it.

"There is a cost to everything. Wakati nili kuwa nachunga ngombe ol jorook, kitu haingenipata, becauseI was a nobody. But now when I became famous hii negativity kidogo lazima ujue in balance. Lazima ikuwe , life ni balance sheet. Mazuri mabaya so negativity ikikuja unajua unafunga maskio moja ukisonga. You focus. The problem is not me or us" he began to say about trending online.

He advises the eldest daughter especially about such matters

"The problem is you guys you blow things out of proportion you misquote someone, put things here and there, so me kazi yangu ni kukaa chini na watoto wangu niwaambie life yako ikiwa hivi kuna mtu atachukuwa kitu aweke na wewe mweneywe haukusema"

He is a father of five children from two women namely Karen Nyamu and Edday Nderitu.

This is not a challenge as he admitted

"Si unaona wako sawa? Ubaya ni mtoto akose chakula ama...my responsibility is to raise my kids. Na nawa raise wote, sawa? yeah equally why not? .I may not be many things but I'm a good father. Because I'm there for my children always. I'm always there for them. When it comes to time, when it comes to financial support, I'm always there for them, all of them."

He attributes his success to being religious crediting his success to God

"kama si Go manze what would I be? "

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