Ni content! Manzi wa Kibera denies dating Mzee Nzuki hours after burial

• On May 1, Samuel Ndunda Nzuki was given a simple burial ceremony at Lang’ata Cemetery.

Manzi wa Kibera denies dating Mzee Nzuki after burial 
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It was content- Manzi wa Kibra makes a quick U-turn on dating Mzee Nzuki hours after his burial 

Socialite Manzi wa Kibera has shocked a section of her fans and followers after alleging that she never dated the late Samuel Nzuki Ndunda aka Fundi Kijana.

Her statement came hours after she missed the burial ceremony of Mzee Nzuki was laid to rest at Lang’ata cemetery.

The socialite now alleges that their love story was just for online content as they were never in a romantic relationship. 

“I was not dating the late Mzee Nzuki, it was just online content. Not real,” Manzi wa Kibera clears the air.

Her statement was later echoed by a man claiming to be his manager.

The truth is Manzi never took Mzee’s title teed or his money. Manzi wa Kibera and Mzee were not dating. So whatever they were making from it they used to split. It was online content and not a real relationship,” the manager said.

On May 1, Samuel Ndunda Nzuki was given a simple burial ceremony at Lang’ata Cemetery.

A leaked video shows only a few people attending the burial ceremony.

"I just want to inform you that Mzee Nzuki was buried today at Langata and there was no media presence because the family didn't want like media, walikuwa tu wanataka kupatia mzee a decent send-off without cameras," he explained.


"Even though I have a few videos and pictures I just want to let you know that Mzee was buried today in Langata with his family and me or Manzi wa Kibera nobody wasn't invited and I understand because maybe walidhani tukienda tunaeza enda na watu wa media.

"Maybe tutafind time yetu ya kwenda kuangalia kaburi which walisema ni sawa," he briefly informs.

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