Rue Baby: You're putting my male friends in awkward situations

• Rue Baby is Akothee's 2nd born daughter.

Rue Baby
Akothee's daughter Rue Baby
Image: Courtesy/ Instagram

Fashion model and brand influencer Rue Baby has asked netizens to stop assuming every man she is spotted with is her boyfriend or they have something going on.

Through her socials Akothee's 2nd born daughter argued that blogs forcing relationships on her was putting her and her male friends in awkward situations as most of them are in actual relationships and they girlfriends tend to feel off waking up to all these fake news.

"I want to address something real quick. I want to have fun with my male friends, I want to go out on dates with them, I want to go on dinners with them and clubbing, I mean they are my friends, right?" Started off the model.

She went on to intimate she was in a talking stage with a guy but was not in any relationship at the moment. Rue emphasized that if she finally gets into a stable relationship and she and her partner are comfortable with it, she will reveal her relationship to the public.

"You are putting my friends in very awkward situations. I cannot have my friends waking up every morning and bloggers have written, 'Rue's new boyfriend.' You are putting my friend's in very difficult situations with them having to constantly justify to their girlfriends 'babe, Rue is just my friend' over and over.

I am not in a relationship, at least we are not there yet," an agitated Rue added.

Finishing up she emphasized that once she gets in a relationship there will be signs as she reminded people that girls and boys can have platonic relationships.

"But when I get to a relationship you guys will definitely see a finger or two, a kidney, a liver or something. Please I want to enjoy with my male friends, I want to post my friends in peace and have fun.

All those guys you are posting out there when you see me with them there just my friends! They are guys I wouldn't even... like none of them is even a guy that I would actually... please," Akothee's daughter said as her rant came to an end.

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