Vesha has been on TikTok with him a lot.

Fans are saying he is too old for her.

Akothee's daughter Vesha shows off her new man
Image: Instagram

Akothee's daughter Vesha has fans anxious over the possibility that she might be dating her mother's gym instructor.

Vesha has been somewhat showing off a new man since October, but the frequency of his appearances has increased.

On Vesha's TikTok, the man is said to be gym instructor Patricko and stands behind Vesha in one of her videos where she admits that he finally accepted.

The tall dark and handsome bearded man has set pulses racing. The daughter of madam boss is yet to respond to the accusations about dating an older man, while her mother dates a younger man.

Read some comments below from Kenyans who watched the video;

queenine6....Mko na shida ingekua huyo boy n mzungu mungesema wameendana Sai mwasema a date Rika yake do what make you happy girl

user412395883117i.....l tell mama you have someone 不不 any way enjoy gal you proposed to him

@winnieytg....Gentleman you have Akothee to deal with.

jessieso..... this is omuboyfriend ....

queenofbabylon.....huyu ako na ng'ombe 1000 kweli kwa Akotheee不不不不不akothee call the police

melody....Akothee amepata son in law wakufix bulb

floice keissy Arthuryani .....mwafanya vice versal wewe na mamako ana date watu lika yako na wewe yake

E. v. a. h.......this man is not old

Vesha is a director at her mother's tour and travel company Akothee Safaris and is also Akothee's first-born daughter.

The dark-skinned beauty has won her mother's praise for her hard-working nature. Just last year she got a new car and Akothee said that her daughter does not depend on sponsors.

"A year down the line after her confirmation at work, she surprised me with an upgraded version of her new car , just yesterday she called me and said she had a surprise for me 儭 I thought she was pregnant 不不不 Sasa hii heart Attack yolo. Well, I can say I love you girl @veshashaillan I am proud of you mom. Hakuna sponsor hapa its pure work smart passion and patience . I clap for my daughters as I wait for my turn. I love you, mom. Sasa unibebe unipeleke clinic," added Akothee.

Vesha graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree from Strathmore University in 2020, an achievement her mother celebrated greatly. 

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