Flaqo's 36 year old auntie Nyakwar Janeko single and searching

• Nyakwar Janeko is famous on TikTok where she advises women about relationships.

nyakwar janeko
nyakwar janeko

Nyakwar Janeko is the aunt to comedian Flaqo Raz. Nyakwa is also famous on TikTok where she advises women about relationships.

In an interview with Oga Obinna on his YouTube channel on April 23, she said that her reason for being a relationship advocate is that many married women need advice on how to maintain and sustain their husbands.

Janeko is single and searching. What's her type of man?  "He must be between 40 and 50. I want peace of mind."

She is single and 36 years old. "Yes I'm 36 and not afraid to say it. I will be 36 on December 7. "

She wants a man in a committed relationship.

"No small young boys. No. Nataka ule bibi amepea shida ndio niende nimtengeneze vizuri, nikimbembeleza. Bwana amepigiwa kelele hao ndio nataka nimpamper nimpapase. Juu mimi nimekwama tu nikiangukia huyo ni pambane tu."

But the man must have some money at that age, "Mwenye ako na kakitu kukuja na mkono tupu pia ni shida kwa ndoa."

She is not too concerned that her loud nature will discourage a man from pursuing her, "Let me tell you the truth. You see this loud mouth of mine, I am the type of woman that can keep a man. Better a loud woman than the one who keeps quiet for you, Obinna. That silent one can even kill you. I am a very friendly woman by the way."

She believes she knows what men want.