Elsa Majimbo describes culture shocks she experienced in L.A

• The content creator is normally very candid about her experiences which her fans love about her.

Elsa Majimbo
Image: Instagram

Comedian Elsa Majimbo has highlighted some of the things that she found as a culture shock when she moved to Los Angeles. Majimbo, stays and works in the US.

In a TikTok video, she said.

"Having celebrities performing in really small spaces," she said

She remembered her friend who hosted a small Diwali party that Terry Cruise was an attendee. "The amount of people who just sing like it is a regular thing and get paid millions is amazing."

She continued, "The other thing is the amount of stars I see in LA and in Hollywood in general. It is so common to bump into someone who is on the screen in real life. It really is the city of stars."

She described LA as a city with a good health vibe, "LA is all about 'we are so organize, we want glutten free, fat-free."

She concluded by saying that the dating scene is crazy "It is the city of Angels and a big percentage of the population is extremely hot. What happens when you put hot people together; they don't know how to behave around each other. It is just mannerless hot people running around the city." 

Recently, she revealed to fans how she is able to take care of herself in Hollywood.

"I've been on magazine covers, I've done campaigns, I've worked with a lot of brands, I've been in front of the screen and I'm going to work on a few things where I'm going to be more in front of the screen."

She added that she loves her job so much that she doesn't feel like she is working.

"If you ask me, I live my life and have hobbies on the side that insanely pay me to support my lifestyle. I just live life."

"I love Hollywood from the bottom of my heart, I love everything about this place, I love the people, I love the money, I love the culture, I love how it operates. There's a few bad times but there bad times cannot even compare with the good times."


"I wouldn't change my career for anything. Here I' able to have my time and my money and I promise you, on this planet there is nothing more valuable than those two things combined."

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