Maandy responds to critics of Arbantone

• The bubbly bubbly hitmaker took to her social media to respond to critics

arbantone maandy courtesy instagram
arbantone maandy courtesy instagram


The criticism leveled at Arbantone as a genre of music has prompted singer Maandy to react and weigh in on it.

The bubbly bubbly hit maker took to her social media to respond to critics who have been opinion that they are not original, but remixes of hit songs.

"I like to mind my business, but allow me to say this, for the past two or three weeks, top 3 trending songs, zimekuwa Kenyan songs. " she began fiercely defending 


"Every single time there is a popular sound in Kenya, you hear foreign music. Have you ever thought about that? You wont see a popular American, Nigerian song, you will purely hear Kenyan. You go to the club its just Kenyans. and as they are playing this, and I need Dj's to maybe back me up. Like coz I am seeing alot of you tube mixes, " while mentioning numerous accounts.

She added.

"All the mixes are Kenyan mixes, and within two weeks, I see those remixes have over100k views. What does this mean? It means the audience actually likes and enjoys consuming this music. "

Maandys bone of contentions?

"Here is my thing. You might not be a part of that audience. If I look at my statistics right now, it's not going to show me a 60 year old man who is in the office. Every time I step out and it's a crowd of young people they love what I do. They appreciate my music. So here's my thing. "

The performing artiste pleaded for support for the new generation and not blindly criticize.

"Instead of fixating on what you don't like, leave it alone. Don't have those funny funny comments, don't try and speak vibaya because sometimes before you even find a formula, that works, there is alot of trial and error. It's not always going to be perfect on the first try, there's always going to be improvements "

Maandy added sampling is done all over the world

"This argument of the beats are not original , there's sijui this this, I have 3 albums worth of original 'original' beats. My producer has sampled all the beats I have used I don't know if he is a potato, don't use someone else's beat, I don't know am i supposed to his my beat coz its him."

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