Meet the artiste who wrote Diamond and Jux's hit song 'Enjoy'

• The singer has also written songs for Nandy and Maua Sama.

• The Enjoy video has over 70 million views on YouTube

Juma Jux
Image: Instagram

Lody Music, a talented Tanzanian artiste has opened up about being a writer of the song 'Enjoy' which has garnered over 72 million views on YouTube alone and millions of streams on other digital streaming platforms.

Speaking to Clouds FM, Lody was responding to the question of why he had been silent for a while.

He explained that he had dedicated his time to writing songs for other musicians among the Juma Jux.

"I have been involved in so many songs that have actually hit. People do not know but I was involved in the hit song 'Enjoy' by Juma Jux and Diamond Platnumz," he said

He continued "I was called when Jux had already gotten the chorus and the bridge but he was struggling with how he would start his verse. So when I went, I started the lyrics 'Hii Leo, Wacha tu niwaweke wazi." So I wrote for him and also the end of the song I am the one who wrote."

"He loved the song. After that, we collaborated on two songs that are yet to be released."

He said apart from that, he has written songs for Nandy and Maua Sama.

The hit song celebrates life and its pleasures. The song's message touches on the burden of constantly searching for the right partner, which often leads to pain and disappointment. As a result, the protagonist decides to take a break from relationships and focus on enjoying life because it is too short. 

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