Nduru man appeals for help after alleged arrest, ready to change

• Nduru man went viral in 2022, and since then he has been arrested severally. 

• He is begging for help from his fans. 

Ian Asunya aka Nduru Man
Ian Asunya aka Nduru Man
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Ian Asunya popularly known as Nduru man has allegedly been arrested again for 'screaming' and causing disturbance. 

The Tiktoker revealed this while asking Kenyans to help him secure his freedom.

He claimed he has been jailed for a long time, without indicating a timeline.

"Am in Ruiru police post . imekuwa tu case after case after case. It's getting out of hand am tired man," he shared his details.

The Tiktoker was in a dark room, recording himself saying he was ready to change after taking his freedom for granted.

"So all along nimekuwa Central police station very very desperate. I am very desparate there is no freedom Hakuna kitu poa kama freedom in life, hata kama huna doh, unaweza toka point A uende B, maybe unaweza angukia kitu, but hii kukosa freedom unaamka tu kulala, kumaka kulala. foos yenyewe unajikaza ku dish," he said. 

Appealing for help, he said he was hanging on

"Im begging if anyone can come through and help " indicating he was getting frustrated.

"Nimejikaza tu nimevumilia"

Nduru man went viral in 2022, and since then he has been arrested severally. 

He then disappeared from his online accounts, only to re-emerge late and reveal he is ailing.

"I do not like telling everyone about what's happening in my life but I am suffering from Leukemia...there are some things I can do but it is a risk.

"At times I cannot create content due to the effects of the disease...it's been four months since I went shouting in the streets. I am often at home," he said.

Ian Asunya popular as Nduru man shares his frightening experience with state House cops and how his baby mama left him...

Posted by Mpasho News on Saturday, July 9, 2022

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