Look back to thank God - Brown Mauzo's cryptic message after Vera's comments

• He appeared to be reacting to Vera's comments made a few day ago

Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

Two days ago, Vera castigated Kenyans inferring that she has rekindled her love with ex-husband Brown Mauzo.

This was perhaps brought on by the former couple holding a birthday party for their son, and prior to that a photoshoot.

The two are just co-parenting.

Vera reacted "I am not going back with an ex & dont ever intend to, never happening let's stop with the speculation".

Brown has on his part shared a word on his Instagram stories and shared his spiritual thoughts seeming to suggest he is embracing his future.

"Look back to thank God; look forward to trusting God," the father of five captioned.

In February this year, Vera said she doesn't want to get married again, terming it a trap.

In a series of Instagram stories, Vera who was asked by one of her online fans whether she would give marriage a chance said: "I Love my Freedom."

Another person went and asked the socialite if she was genuinely happy.

Vera responded to the question sticker by saying: "I Won't lie, the happiest I have ever been. I love being single to be honest."

"Was it easy for you to leave your marriage?" another anonymous fan asked.

"For me, it was over four months before it ended. It was done emotionally, physically, and mentally so it was easy and the best decision ever made. I chose ME and wanted the best for my kids," Vera Sidika responded.

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