Vera gushes about daughter Asia's brilliance with 2 awesome examples

• The mom of two who had been out of the country for a couple of weeks is known back and is now doting on her kids.

Vera Sidika and her daughter.
Image: Instagram

Ever since Vera Sidika returned from her trip to Los Angeles, USA, the socialite has been bonding with her children.

The mother of two has been loving every moment and sharing with her online fans some of the family times. Last week, she threw a wonderful party for her son Prince Ice as he turned one year old.

On Wednesday, March 20, Vera informed her followers on Instagram that she was taking her children to the doctor's office.

"My girl is a doctor in the making," the proud mum declared. This excited one of her fans who claimed to be a doctor as well

"As a doctor, all I can is her future is bright!! OMG, she's so brilliant and adorable," that individual informed Vera.

Other fans commented that they thought Asia also had what it takes to be a doctor.

"Asia is so brilliant yaani she knows the stethoscope should be in the ears and on the patient's chest," they exclaimed.

Vera was elated and disclosed that that is not all Asia knows.

"Asia is super brilliant no joke. I never post her but if I was to post her daily you'd be shocked, there's nothing that exists in the world she doesn't know. She even knows how to cook chapo step by step, literally a young adult. I think she should start school soon," Vera said.

In the background of the video was her son Prince Ice playing with toys.

Vera gushed over him, and his sweet calm nature made a fan share that screenshot and comment at how Vera appeared to be enjoying motherhood.

"I loved Vera before motherhood and now love her even more becoming a mom. OMG Vera, you literally planned, manifested, prayed for your beautiful, smart, happy babies right here, before our eyes and God gave you just that," one fan stated.

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