Why Drake is the type of man Elodie Zone would date

• The content creator also revealed that she wouldn't mind dating a broke guy.

Digital content creator Elodie Zone
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Digital content creator, influencer, and media personality Elodie Zone has announced she is single. The bubbly content creator who has never been shy to put her love life on social media notes that she has outgrown the concept of dating. Interestingly, she is looking forward to tying the knot soon.

Speaking with upcoming YouTube content creator Flossy Trukid Elodie dove into her love life and gave the qualities she is looking for in her next partner.

"No, I'm not dating. I don't date, if I am with you right now we are going to get married. Now it is either marriage or death, there is no in-between you know," stated the 27-year-old content creator.

On the qualities she would prefer her future partner to harbour Elodie highlighted she was looking for someone with a heart as she feels this generation has lost their tune with humanness.

"Besides Drake, yeah, Drake is definitely my type coz you know he is a peng ting, he is financially stable, mandem has got the guap you know what I'm saying... So besides that I'm looking for someone with a heart because our generation mahn guys are a bit numb.

Our generation is really numb, eehh guys are really numb," Elodie candidly said.

Finishing up, Elodie highlighted that she really would not mind dating a broke man, noting as long as someone is kind and has a good personality then she does not see why money should be attached.

She, however, cautioned women against falling in love with fake potential. The digital content creator has dated a couple of high-profile celebrities such as Sean Andrew and Sol Generation's Nviiri in the past.

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