In a recent interview with Nviiri, the 'Niko Sawa' singer opened up on his love life. When asked about his current relationship status the man belted out a verse from one of his songs where he said that many women wanted him but he was struggling to pick one.

What had he learnt from his tumultuous relationship with Elodie Zone this year? "You go through what you go through. The biggest lesson is to protect your own space and energy. Your peace, be very selfish with it. That's pretty much it."

Had he moved on from the relationship? "Kitambo, huoni single boy. I am enjoying being single."

The man had recently been featured on Ben Sol's song, 'Summer Bunny'. What was it about?

"It was a warning to men who fall for women who have come from abroad on holiday. We were telling them to avoid falling for these types of women."

Had he himself fallen for a summer bunny? "Yes, I have but you wouldn't know about them as I don't put them on social media. They come to visit family, with me being a part of that 'family'."

Watch the interview below;

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