Trending Raha Fest 'yoga girl' talks rate card and pole-dancing

• The young lady also spoke on whether her family supports her career choices.

Yoga Girl
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Trending Raha Fest Yoga Girl now identified by her real name, Njanja Kabbia aka Celonia has come out to address some hot questions surrounding her and her craft.

Celonia, who is mostly referred to as Cece gained fame after her drooling stage pole performance at the just concluded Raha Fest which was held over the weekend. Cece had the crowd going wild with cheers as she showcased her flexibility.

In a candid interview with SPM Buzz, Cece opened up about her craft, how much she charges, and her family's reaction to what she does.

According to the bubbly young lady, her pole dancing skills are superb due to her love for yoga, a sport she has been practicing for 10 years now.

"It depends whether it is for a class or a performance. If it is for a performance it also depends with timing and how long you want me to perform for. For a pole dancing performance, I charge at least Sh.500,000, "Cece candidly revealed.

The host was strongly taken aback by the reply as he did not expect dancing to be raking in such a huge sum of pay.

He went on to ask if she was indeed serious about charging her clients half a million shillings and what the said amount entailed.

"C'mon! Take me slow, SH.500k for what?" the surprised SPM Buzz reporter asked Cece as he tried to comprehend what she had just said.

"It depends honestly with how long you want me to be on the pole but usually a set is 10 minutes so that is Sh.500,000 pekee yake tu (only)," responded the now trending Raha Fest Yoga girl.

Although she declined to reveal how much she had made from her weekend performance detailing that one does not defecate where they eat and it was low-key uncouth to go advertising all your business to the public.

On how she convinced her parents to let her try out the craft, Celonia went on to give her family their flowers as she walked down memory lane.

"This is my main hustle. Besides dancing, I am a full-time teacher. I have a studio on 104 Riverside Drive where I teach all day every day so full-time hustle.

My mom has strongly been my biggest supporter, my dad too but my mom has really come through! My whole family too but my mom has been my BIGGEST support. So at first they were like 'aaii unataka kufanya yoga? Na hii pole?'

But I'm glad they trusted the process. Actually, when I brought the pole she actually tried it out, she was like okay let's do this and she climbed on it. So very supportive," an elated Cece recounted as she thanked her family for rallying behind her and her creative process,

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