Obinna advises women to have their own cash before getting pregnant

• He advised women to seek legal action against deadbeat baby daddies.

• Obinna has three baby mamas.

Oga Obinna

Oga Obinna has advice for any lady looking to start a family.

In a recent interview with Lucy Mworia on YouTube,  Obinna advised that ladies should be financially able to take care of a child in case the man is not in the picture.

”Ladies before you get pregnant for that man, be very sure with or without that man in your life you can take care of yourself and your child.”

He further sent a message to baby mamas who make it difficult for their baby daddies to see their kids.

”Think about it. And if you have a baby daddy and you’re a difficult baby mama, you’re not doing justice to your child. You’re hurting your child more than the baby daddy.”

Recently Obinna had advised men seeking to get married to go get a 'Kienyeji' wife in the village.

Through a video shared on his socials, Obinna advised;

"If you want to get married now, inabidii uende huko ushago ndani, not that are near the City centre, look for someone who is not on social media, someone who doesn't know about what is going on. After that clean her up yourself. If you marry from Kisumu, Nairobi, Eldoret, Kisii aaih. I feel like going to the deep parts of Lamu and getting myself a Digo wife."

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