Kambua shares why she delivered via CS and why her son went to NICU

• Kambua is currently a mother of two, a son and a daughter.

• She has been opening talking about being ridiculed and called barren in the past.

Kambua Manundu
Image: Instagram

In 2019, former TV presenter Kambua welcomed her son Nathaniel.

Before that, she and her husband had suffered a miscarriage.

Before the miscarriage, the couple had been without a child for almost seven years.

Through her YouTube channel, Being Kambua she explained she had to undergo a CS during her delivery.

"I knew we were having a son.

I did everything I could to protect myself," she said.

Kambua says everything was going well until the day she was attending a friend's funeral.

"During the service, I was uncomfortable, and somewhere to the end of the service I went home.

That evening I told my husband I hadn't felt the baby's movement that day. The baby had been quiet."

Her husband tried drinking Ribena, eating an apple, listened to some music which the baby would respond to but nothing worked.

"I had a feeling everything was not right."

The couple decided to go to the hospital

"They got me into one of the observation rooms.

The training nurse did not feel the heartbeat and they were busy whispering to each other.

I felt like my heart would stop at any moment, I was shocked and did not know what to feel."

Image: Instagram

Further adding

" There was a faint heartbeat. The doctor advised we get the baby out on that day, I was 34 weeks along.

I was so overwhelmed and so confused, my son had to be taken to NICU as he was still premature. Thinking about my experience as a new mum gives me chills, I felt inadequate.

"I couldn't hold him, I could only touch him through the incubator. He was 1.65 kg at the time. I felt a level of shame having such a tiny baby."

She also went on to advise people to be kind to women and not compare who is a 'better' mother.

"I never chose whether to push the baby or not, it was chosen for me.

There is so much shaming among women who have had emergency CS.

Having recovered from CS I can confirm that it is so hard on the body.

Whether you favor or go through CS, you are a good mother. "

She also thanked the NICU nurses for being supportive,

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