Nigerian singer Morravey lands in Kenya for Raha Fest

• The year 2020 marked a significant turning point in Morravey's musical odyssey, she stepped into the studio for the very first time, setting the stage for a new chapter in her life.


Nigerian singer Morravey has already landed in Kenya for the most anticipated two-day-concert; Raha Fest.

Born Daniella Daniel on March 13, 2003, in the vibrant city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, she is a rising star in the world of Afro Pop music.

Her journey into the music industry is a testament to her passion, determination, and undeniable talent. 

From an early age, Morravey's connection with music was unmistakable. At just 15 years old, shebegan crafting her own unique sound, initially using gospel songs as her canvas and adding her owntwist by incorporating instrumentals from secular tracks. These creative covers became a highlightduring special church performances, where her talent shone through. Encouraged by those aroundher to pursue her musical dreams further, Morravey found herself at a crossroads, balancing the allureof the stage with the challenges of school and a battle with stage fright.

Undoubtedly, growing up in the multifaceted city of Port Harcourt left an indelible mark on Morravey's musical identity. Port Harcourt is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and melodies, a place where the sounds of different tribes blend harmoniously. These diverse influences nurtured Morravey's musical journey, allowing her to draw from a rich tapestry of rhythms and vocal traditions.

In a city where talent is abundant, but resources are limited, Morravey embodies the spirit of resilience. She understands that to be heard and to achieve success, one must work tirelessly. Morravey is determined to be one of the voices that puts Port Harcourt on the global music map, challenging preconceived notions and altering the narrative about her beloved city.

The year 2020 marked a significant turning point in Morravey's musical odyssey. It was during this time that she stepped into the studio for the very first time, setting the stage for a new chapter in her life. Fate intervened, and it was in the studio that Morravey met her manager, a pivotal moment that would shape her career.

Morravey's journey into music had always included recording for herself and others, but therelease of her own music remained elusive, primarily due to the demands of school and financialconstraints. However, Morravey's undeniable talent couldn't be contained, and she found an outletthrough social media, where she began sharing captivating covers of various songs. With each post,her audience grew, and with every engagement came even more significant opportunities.

The highlight of her journey came when she received a message from none other than Davido, a music superstar, and a leading figure in the Afrobeat scene. This unexpected connection led to a beautiful collaboration and an exciting new phase in Morravey's career. She seized the opportunity with both hands, embarking on a journey that promises to shine brightly in the world of Afro Pop.

As Morravey continues to evolve as an artist, her story serves as an inspiration to all those who dare to chase their dreams relentlessly. With her talent, passion, and unwavering determination, Morravey is poised to leave an indelible mark on the global music landscape, carrying the spirit of Port Harcourt and the vibrant energy of Afro Pop with her every step of the way

Morravey is a name to watch in the Afro Pop genre, a rising star ready to illuminate the world with her music and become a beacon of hope for aspiring artists everywhere.

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