Linda Okello calls out trolls over questions about her new home

• The lady who became famous a few years back after being snapped in police uniform has bought a beautiful home in the USA.

Linda Okello
Image: Instagram

Linda Okello, a former traffic police officer who moved to the United States, has been reported to have bought her own house in the country.

The beauty, whose photo in the official police uniform suddenly made her a celebrity, was not pleased with some of the comments, especially from men associating her beauty with her economic success.

Okello couldn't overlook this and went to the Facebook page of a blog that had reported on her new achievement of owning a house, deciding to respond to people who were making unfavourable comments about how she came to own a house in the United States.

She said that for some time, she had been seeing people, especially men on social media, associating a woman's acquisition of property with her figure, indicating that many believe that women with attractive figures use that opportunity to sell themselves to acquire property.

The famous beauty said that such perceptions mislead society, especially in the growing generation of girls who might think that having a nice figure is everything in a woman's successful life.

"Today I want to address a few people here! I want to straighten out some explanations because I have seen even all men with daughters, especially girls talking about Nyash, why are we encouraged or encouraging or spoiling young girls' minds that Nyash pays? Who or what decides a person's wealth or progress?" Okello asked.

"Why does society tend to assume negatively about women with a slightly visible backside? How do those with average or no Nyash feel? Are they really trying? Remember, 'we' after school, where do women with big Nyash go? To the market?" she asked again.

Okello said that today's society puts pressure on a girl child, making her think that if she has a nice figure, then she doesn't need to work hard in life to earn her wealth honestly.

Furthermore, she urged those who hate women just because they earn their own wealth, to start with their own female parents.

"What are we trying to teach the next generation? That if you have that small curve, you don't need to continue your education or work hard?

How many slender people will dance online and be judged, does that piece of meat bring change? Aaaah, if you want to hate a woman start with your mother and your children if you have any," she concluded angrily.

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