Bonnie Musambi: Why I almost took my own life


• Musambi revealed this while he was speaking in an interview with Radio 47.

Bonnie Musambi

Former KBC channel 1 News Anchor Bonnie Musambi has recently divulged details about a trying time in his life when he almost attempted suicide.

Musambi revealed this while he was speaking in an interview with Radio 47, explaining that he had fled from home to end his life in Embu County but a job opportunity promised a different fate.

Musambi recounted events that led him to this decision,  explicating that his first encounter was when his parents denied him medical studies insisting on pursuing teaching.

"Katika harakati ya kutia bidii nisomess media wazazi wangu walikataa kainsist niwe mwalimu. Walikataa kunipeleka college."

The media personality also narrated another instance where his parents refused he marry a woman he had met.

"Nilikuwa kiongozi wa praise and worship kanisani na katika kazi zangu hapa na pale nikakutana na mrembo mmoja pale kanisani nikataka nimuoe. Nikaanza kumtune lakini nilipofika nyumbani baba akakataa siwezi kumuoa,"

He further expounded that these events triggered him and he opted to run away to a far place and commit suicide.

"So now I gave up because walinikataza kusoma media na sasa kuoa yule mrembo. Nikaamua I will commit suicide. Nikatoroka home nikaenda Embu, coz ilikuwa mbali mtu hangeweza kupata mwili wangu," he said.

It was during this challenging period that he found unexpected relief and opportunities. He landed odd jobs, including cleaning toilets and working as a waiter, to sustain himself.

The former KBC news anchor was last year appointed as the new director of coordination in the office of State House spokesperson.

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Bonnie Musambi
Bonnie Musambi