'How can a married man have hair like this?!' Bahati bitterly complains to Diana Marua

• The couple is known for playfully sharing details about their personal lives.

Diana Marua and Bahati
Image: Instagram

YouTube content creators, Diana Marua and her husband, have returned with their show, this time bantering and teasing each other.

Bahati complained that his wife Diana had neglected him in grooming by not shaving his body hair.

The artist said that he has had body hair for about 3 years, and his wife does not care, complaining that it is like she is neglecting her duty to ensure her husband stays clean.

"How can a married man have hair like this?" Bahati asked, showing his armpit on camera.

However, Diana replied that she loves him with all the hair on his body, especially in private areas.

"Let me tell you, do you know how many times I tell Bahati to come for a shave, and you know he can't shave himself?

He'd rather keep it for 10 years, he can't. But I love the hair down there just the way it is, I love it when you have hair. I'm comfortable with it, even I enjoy it," Diana said.

Despite Diana's defense, Bahati insisted that the issue of grooming his body is not his personal responsibility but that of his wife.

"My dear, admit that you don't like taking care of yourself, look at how you are, look at the hair. You should have groomed yourself before you say that," Diana retorted.

Bahati ended by playfully warning his wife that this year she needs to step up a bit in taking care of him.

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