Watch: Bernice Saroni's conversation with her son about his dad leaves him teary-eyed

• Bernice is well-known as Samidoh's American music promoter. 

US-based Kenyan music promoter Bernice Saroni
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Kenyan promoter Bernice Saroni left many Kenyans emotional and in deep dialogue after a short video with her youngest son.

The two in a TikTok video, get emotional talking about how the young man feels that his father is not active in his life.

"Junior I wanna ask you something today," The young boy enquires, "What is it?"

She begins,

"So how do you feel you don't have a dad? Sit back, there's something very sensitive," she informs him.

The mother tells him she needs his honest opinion.

"So how do you feel you don't have a dad?"

He shyly looks at the camera, "Hmmm I don't know." he says.

The music promoter prods him to respond, "You don't know how you feel? Of course, you know how you feel."

He insists he doesn't, "I don't know."

She continues citing an example to encourage him to open up, "When you see other kids with their dads how does that make you feel?"

He replies, "Sad."

The mother of four gets surprised, "Really? It affects you?"

He confirms so, "Yeah." In a reassuring tone, the single mother tells her son, "But I'm here for you. It has a different feeling?"

He begins to cry, "Yeah. "

She has one more question, "If you see your dad today, will you know him?"

He says, "No."

He cries some more and says he wouldn't know him because, "Coz I haven't met my dad before."

She reassures him, "But you know I love you right? Give me a hug. You know I love you so much. OK, you see him in the pictures, I've shown you your dad in the pictures."

He agrees but protests all the same, "Yeah but he might look different," he argues. "Coz its been a long time." 

Below are some other reactions:

J.J Don't ever ask him that question again.

yunahnjoki if you are a single mom,,come here we cry with this boy..we know the pain they feel but we stay strong and move on regardless

kathomi there is no kid without a dad. pick your phone and call the dad. let him talk to his dad

Sophie Rima the father is not Dead, so he has one, agree with the father atleast they meet once in a while, unless he denied them

MohTrevian I have never ever commented on your posts but this one got me😭😭 being a single mom of two boys and them being fatherless...ain't easy 😞 I cried with junior woiyeee pass my love and hugs🥰❤❤

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