12 lessons Kenyans have learnt from Brian Chira’s funeral

• Kenyans have roundly condemned actions of mourners at Brian Chira’s funeral.

Brian Chira
Image: Instagram

Kenyans continue to roundly condemn the actions of mourners a day after the burial of the late Brian Chira. Famous Kenyans have also expressed their displeasure.

Content creator Mylee Stacey has penned her annoyance at the dancing, drinking and other actions she saw in online videos.

Taking to her Ig stories, she said it was evident to her many used it as content creation and a road trip moment.

"I've been seeing photos of Chira's burial and it was so chaotic. disorganized. Too much noise...tumblers everywhere cameras, left right and centre. Manshoot content. Mmlikuwa mpaka mnatwerk. kwa burial, surellly!! You din even care to give the family a chance to mourn their son.

The last time I checked or from my experience through burials that Ive attended burials come with so much pain esp the fact that we've lost a young soul . It's not like we are celebrating an old mans death who passed away, at 100 plus years.

Nooo! ata hip regardless its so painful coz this person is gone...gone foreverrrr! i get it was supposed to show unity and love but jana most of you guys mliburnnnn. Mungekaa tu home . Jana was perfect definition of watu kuja burial yako kama roadtrip."

Lilian Nganga, the wife to singer Juliani also noticed certain things that left her puzzled.

"Being a public figure gives one a glimpse how their burial will be. Media announces, people post photos you'd taken with them texts shared. They post loving message son their socials saying how you were nice, you've died too soon, too young etc. They fundraise then come in large numbers to bury you and that's life," she shared.

Kenyans are also sharing the lessons they have learnt from the death of Brian Chira.

Here is the list of concerns they have shared.

1. Brian Chira was a movement

2. The Kenyan tiktok community is a huge movement

3. They only show love when you die

4. People will care more when you are no more.

5. It's important to honor people when they are alive.

6. There's Money On Tiktok

7. Whether you get loved or hated, you must be buried regardless.

8. Digital transformation through social platforms like Tiktok is real.

9. Live unapologetically like Brian Chira.

10. People will shun you when you are alive and pretend to mourn you when you are dead.

11. Kama wewe si pesa huezi nipea Stress

12. Maisha ni yako, Matanga ni Yetu

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