King Kaka and Nana Owiti celebrate nanny's son on special day

• The couple have been living with the child since he was nine months old.

King Kaka's adopted son Royal

Kenyan Rapper King Kaka and his wife have celebrated their 'adopted' son turning ....... In a touch social media post, Nana expressed her love by thanking baby Royal for filling their home with love.

To the boy that didn’t grow under my heart but perfectly grew in it. Came to us at a tender age of 9 months and filled our home with laughter,kindness,warmth and love 🤍. He’s the Governor of his class and the most responsible child in our home. To this boy that calls me the most honorable name to date, ‘Mamaa’. I love you Royal and will ALWAYS love you. Happy 6th birthday Son Mhesh❤️❤️❤️

Nana Owiti with her two kids and her adopted son Royal

King Kaka also penned;

"I am so proud of you Mr. Royal Sean , Thankyou for the lessons Thankyou for the years, Thankyou for listening. Mr. Govener!! May God grant you greatness as you celebrate your big day. Happy Birthday to the one who calls me Papa.@tunubakeries ile mambo yenu sio mchezo."

Royal is son to King Kaka and Nana's nanny of more than 8 years

Fans have commended her for accepting Royal into their family.

cherop_tk: May your love know no boundaries, and may your care be a guiding light for this child who is not biologically yours but is undoubtedly yours in every other way. Blessings on your journey of nurturing, guiding, and loving this precious soul. Happy birthday Roy 🎂.

shamimnaigwe: Ur a gem Nana that no one could think of loosing. Happy birthday Royal

salbaibe: You're a rare breed, Nana. As you opened your home for this boy and her mom, May jehovah released unmeasurable blessings upon you and your household.

vickymaua: God bless your hearts @nanaowiti and @thekingkaka . Happy blessed birthday to Royal

metrynkhisa: You're an amazing person, never seen such kinda love ❤️ 😍. You're blessed, and your kids too shall experience the immense blessings as the results. Happy birthday to your boy.

tekwenyicharl: Nana God fearing woman you are highly blessed lord give me the heart to love and take care of other people❤️❤️

King Kaka with his family

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